Taking High-Speed Intercity Travel in a New Direction


VECTORR™ 260-01

Atmospheric Propulsion System

The picture above shows the 1/6 scale VECTORR™ unit operating on rails above a continuous tube (power tube).


The VECTORR™ uses air pressure/vacuum to move along an elevated guideway. Stationary power systems spaced along the guideway create a vacuum inside a power tube that is located centrally below the rails on the guideway. As these stations pull the air from the power tube, they create a vacuum in front of a free piston that is rail-guided inside the power tube and magnetically coupled to the VECTORR™ unit above. There is no mechanical attachment between the VECTORR™ and the inside of the power tube thus enabling the interior of the tube to be a closed system to maintain the desired pressure differential. This differential pressure in the power tube is what moves the transportation unit -- magnetically coupled above -- along the guideway. 

VECTORR™ Above the Guideway Power System

Close-ups of the Pylon


a high-speed ground transportation system that utilizes atmospheric propulsion to move along an elevated guideway


Since 1995

VAC TRAC is an advanced, commercially viable rail transportation system that has sound, basic engineering concepts for moving people inter-city at high speeds with a comfortable riding and visual experience. The VECTORR™260-01 is the name of the 1/6 scale 3-module pilot unit that is currently operating on a 2,095 foot (638.98 m) outdoor test guideway. At full-scale the VECTORR™ is expected to be capable of traveling at speeds in excess of 200 m.p.h. (322 km/h).


The advancement in materials and electrical power systems, coupled with significant technological innovation has allowed the performance of the VECTORR™ to become an alternative to high-speed, conventional steel-wheel-on-rail trains and Maglev technology. Other applications include light freight, shuttle service, and travel inside environmentally sensitive areas.


The VAC TRAC technology is as green as any mechanized transportation system operating today. It minimizes visual, noise, air, and earth pollution. The elevated guideway reduces the environmental impact to the land with minimal earth moving and fewer tunnels while transporting passengers safely above pedestrian, vehicle, and wildlife grade crossings.


VAC TRAC has the potential to fill a transportation niche for high-speed inter-city passenger rail in environmentally sensitive areas and transportation corridors with narrow right-of-ways and steeper grades.


VECTORR™260-01 at the Highest Point on the 2,095'

(638.98 m) Guideway

The Entire 1/6 Scale Pilot Guideway Completed on July 3, 2013 - Built Within a Syrah Vineyard

This October 7, 2014 Picture Shows the Position of the Pylon that Secures the Curved Section and Compensates for Centrifugal Force